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At Ria Family Dental in Yeronga, we aim to treat you with a comfortable and relaxed environment. We Ria Family Dental offer a complete range of scaling and root planing, oral cancer screening, root canal therapy, Dental Implants, Anti-wrinkle and Anti-grinding treatment, Scaling and Root Planing, Mouth Guards, Occlusal splints, Porcelain Veneers, Teeth whitening and Root canal therapy, Thus it makes us an ideal place to stop for all your oral health best dentist clinics in Queensland.

Services Provided

A tooth with a protective shield

Preventative Dentistry

Occlusal splints

Also known as mouth protectors and night guards, occlusal splints mouth guards are designed to protect the inside of your mouth. There are many reasons why your dentist may recommend wearing a mouth guard, with some of the most common including:

  • Tooth grinding - also known as bruxism
  • Temporomandibular joint dysfunction (TMJ dysfunction)

Getting a mouth guard and splits fitted is a simple and pain-free task. Dr Dash will simply take an impression of your teeth using a special compound. The impression will then be sent to a lab where the mouth guard or splint will be manufactured. Once the mouth guard or splint has been created, you will return for another appointment where the splint is checked to ensure that it fits well.

Dental Hygiene & Gum Health

In addition to the meticulous cleaning, polishing and examination of your teeth, at Greer Dental we also take the time to help our patients develop proper oral hygiene habits at home. We will evaluate your hygiene techniques and help you make adjustments to your routine as needed. If we feel that you are suffering from gingivitis or more severe gum disease, we may recommend a root scaling and planing (deep cleaning). These measures can be instrumental in preventing bone loss and help you keep your natural teeth. These regular cleanings allow us to help you prevent cavities and gum disease.


Oral cancer screening

Oral cancer screenings are a very important part of the dental visit for patients. Screening for early changes in the oral tissue can help detect cancer at a stage when it can be more successfully treated.
Certain lifestyle choices can have a great impact on the health of tissues and overall health in your mouth. If you are a smoker or heavy drinker, it is important to ensure you get regular screenings when you visit your dentist.

Scaling and Root Planing

Scaling and root planing is a non-surgical procedure in which Dr Dash removes plaque and tartar from below the gum line. Root surfaces are cleaned and smoothed with specially designed instruments. It is important to remove the plaque and tartar from below the gums because, aside from the bacterial toxins that irritate the gums, plaque and the rough surfaces of tartar make it easier for bacteria to gain a foothold.

Custom Mouth Guards

Three-year old boy shows myofunctional trainer to illuminate mouth breathing habit. Helps equalize the growing teeth and correct bite. Corrects the position of the tongue.

We also offer a custom-made mouth guard. This protects your teeth with a silicon appliance which is especially important when playing contact sports which have a risk of facial contact which could result in teeth or dental injury. In the event of chipped or broken teeth, we are also able to fix those with veneers or crowns.

A tooth sparkling clean

Cosmetic Dentistry

Porcelain Veneers

Image of a veneer, as a seperate object that is overlaid onto a tooth.

Dental Veneers

Porcelain Veneers are thin layers of porcelain which cover the front of the tooth. Veneers are one of the many ways used to enhance and restore your teeth to a new state of beauty. Veneers can also improve the color and alignment of your teeth without braces!

Veneers are also useful in several situations, to modify the appearance of your tooth colour. When one tooth develops a slightly different colour from the others, a veneer can help it blend in and when a tooth is chipped, a veneer can cover the front part of the tooth and make it appear as a natural tooth. If a tooth is not aligned with the remaining teeth, a veneer sometimes helps to place it back where it should be and aligned with remaining teeth.

Teeth whitening

Close-up Detail Of Person Teeth Showing Before And After Whitening

Teeth whitening refers to the process of brightening teeth. It is a non-invasive, in-clinic procedure. Tooth whitening restores the sparkle to teeth that have been discolored or stained by coffee, tea, soft drinks, tobacco, and other foods. It helps you to achieve a dazzling smile in the least amount of time without any unpleasant complications or side effects.

Restorative Dentistry

Dental crown installation process, Medically accurate 3d illustrationCrown
A crown is a restoration that completely covers or caps teeth, restoring them to their natural size, shape and colour. A crown can help to strengthen teeth that are weakened by, for example, large cavities. They may also be used to cover teeth that are discoloured or badly shaped. As part of the treatment for replacing missing teeth, dental crowns can also be used to attach bridges and to cover dental implants.

Tooth colored fillings
Tooth colored fillings, also known as composites, are used as an alternative to amalgam. This is an excellent cosmetic option for those patients who do not want the look of silver in their mouths. Composite fillings enable Dr Dash to focus solely on the decay, preserving all the healthy parts of the tooth.

Dr.Dash will ensure that your composite fillings blend excellently with the color of your own teeth

Teeth that are designed to “bridge” the gap created by one or more missing teeth are called bridges. Bridges can be held securely by crowns and cemented lastingly into place.

Once a tooth is missing, it is important to replace it as soon as possible. This not only restores function of your bite and the confidence in your appearance, it is also crucial in preventing the remaining teeth from unwanted drifting and tilting due to the gap left behind.

Root canal therapy

tooth with root canal therapy on the blue backgroundWhen a tooth decay becomes so deep that it reaches the nerve inside the tooth, it can become infected. Endodontic treatment, commonly known as a root canal treatment (RCT), removes the infection and fills in the root to prevent further damage. Root canal treatment involves the removal of the inflamed or infected root. This treatment saves a tooth that would otherwise have been extracted

Timing is important in root canal treatment. Regular cleaning checkups can help detect and address tooth and root decay. If your dentist recommends a root canal, the best course of action is speedy treatment. An infection in the root, left unchecked, can move from the tooth pulp into the surrounding tissue and grow into an abscess, causing enough damage to destroy the tooth. Root canal treatment is also indicated in several cases – broken or chipped teeth resulting from accidents, and severe enamel wear which can result in a damaged nerve.

A tooth with a chunk highlighted red.


Dental Implants

3d render of jaw with teeth and dental incisor implant over white background

Dental implants are the best alternative to natural teeth, because they replace both the root and the body of the tooth. Comprised of an artificial tooth root made of titanium and a meticulously crafted replacement tooth, dental implants come closer than any other dental treatment to restoring the strength, stability, security and natural beauty of one’s own natural teeth.
Dental implants allow you to regain your smile and the ability to eat virtually anything. Dental implants appear natural and conform to your facial contour, which preserves your appearance.
Implants are a great alternative to traditional dentures.


A standard denture is a removable dental appliance that replaces missing teeth and surrounding tissue. Dentures are made to closely resemble your natural teeth and may even enhance your smile.

There are two types of dentures

  • Complete dentures
  • Partial dentures

Complete dentures are used when all of the teeth are missing, while partial dentures are used when some natural teeth remain. A partial denture fills in the spaces created by missing teeth, providing a new chewing surface and preventing other teeth from shifting.

Anti-wrinkle and Anti-grinding treatment

Botox treatment can be used to reduce the grinding specially when patients do not like to wear a night guard. Botox is also known to reduce the Tempero mandibular joint disorders due to hyperactive messater muscle.

An image of a tooth with a bracer attached.


Clear Aligners

Straight teeth. Close-up of male hand with clear aligner for orthodontic correction of bite. Man is smiling. Isolated backgroundInvisalign® takes a modern approach to straightening teeth. Using a series of smooth, comfortable and virtually invisible aligners that you wear over your teeth. Wearing the aligners will gradually and gently shift your teeth into places that are difficult for other people to detect. There are no metal brackets to attach and no wires to tighten. Invisalign® will help you achieve a great smile with little interference in your daily life.

Invisalign® is for both adults and teens. Whether you’re an adult, parent or teen Invisalign® can help improve your appearance with little effect on your lifestyle. Invisalign® aligners are removable. Although they are meant to be worn throughout the day, they can be removed as necessary for eating, drinking, brushing and flossing. As a result, your diet will not be restricted as it would be with traditional braces and you will more easily be able to maintain good oral hygiene. Furthermore, the aligners are less cumbersome and far more comfortable than traditional braces as they gradually move your teeth into their ideal positions.

Dental emergencies

image of a damaged toothDental emergencies can happen at any time due to accidents or injury, but they can also result from a failure to visit the dentist regularly. If you are in pain or have had an accident, it is important that you receive treatment straight away. Whether or not you have been our patient in the past, Dr. Dash will make sure that you are seen and helped as soon as possible.

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