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Dental Wear

tooth-wear-yeronga The tooth enamel is the hardest substance in the human body.

It is highly mineralised and non-living, compared to bone and dentin which are living tissues.

The tooth enamel is resistant to wear and chemical attacks, as it should – given what your teeth do daily: bite, chew and come in contact with acidic foods and beverages.

But still, it is common for the tooth enamel to wear down because of various reasons. But when dental wear becomes noticeable or significant, intervention may be necessary to keep your bite functioning properly and protect your teeth.

Dental wear can take several forms, all of which may cause sensitivity and discomfort.

Knowing how to prevent dental wear from occurring can help your teeth stay strong and healthy!

Types of Dental Wear

There are 3 types of dental wear: abrasionattrition and erosion. Sometimes, it is difficult to determine the type of dental wear because different types often occur at once.

Abrasion: Physical wear of the teeth caused by anything else other than tooth-to-tooth contact, e.g. improper toothbrushing, repeated use of toothpick or putting hairpins in between the teeth.

Attrition: Loss of tooth structure because of tooth-to-tooth contact, like teeth grinding.

Dental erosion: Tooth enamel wear due to the presence of harmful acids in the mouth.

Treatment for Dental Wear

Patients with dental abfraction or abrasion can have a filling placed on the side of the tooth over the damaged area to protect against the spread of damage, although it may not be medically needed.

Alternatively, you may choose to receive a fluoride treatment at your six-month preventive care dental appointments or use a fluoride-containing toothpaste to help with sensitivity.

Your Yeronga dentist will also continue monitoring the site of dental wear to make sure it doesn’t worsen.

Take necessary preventive measures to keep your smile healthy.

Knowing how to care for your teeth and practising proper habits recommended by your Yeronga dentist can help your smile last a lifetime!

Dental Wear Treatment in Yeronga

Lost tooth structure may need to be replaced for your bite to function properly and your teeth to look great once again.

Depending on the condition of the damaged tooth/teeth, this can be done with dental bonding, veneers, or crowns.

Modern dentistry at Ria Family Dental can restore the normal shape, appearance and function of worn teeth — beautifully and successfully!

Dental Wear Treatment in Yeronga

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