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Top 8 Oral Hygiene Gift Ideas for Holidays from Ria Family Dental

It’s that time of year again — flying reindeer, candy canes, strings of twinkling lights, and the issue of what gifts to give.

Giving gifts is a fun and rewarding experience; one that really pays off if you choose the right gift.

But choosing the right gift can be difficult. And while the old saying goes that it is the thought that counts, the present is also important!

So, why not surprise someone with a gift that they can use on a regular basis that also helps support their oral and general health?

If you think that someone on your Christmas list would like the gift of dental health, Ria Family Dental has created a list just for you – a list of oral-hygiene based gifts for young and old alike!

And always keep in mind – if you see something on this list you like, there’s nothing wrong with getting it for yourself!

#1. Electric toothbrush

Very few gifts are more thoughtful than an electric toothbrush. And it works for recipients of almost every age – It is particularly suitable for the young and old, who may have coordination problems when they brush.

And many people don’t brush their teeth properly using a manual toothbrush. A too-hard manual brusher can cause premature gum recession and tooth wear.

Conversely, being a too-gentle brushing leaves plaque that causes gum disease and tooth decay.

A good electric toothbrush solves these problems with an engineered action, built-in safety mechanisms, and often cool features like timers or associated phone apps.

#2. Water-flosser for people of all ages

If someone on your list has dental implants, bridgework, or traditional braces, they would likely benefit from a water-flosser.

Additionally, a water-flosser is a perfect gift for someone who doesn’t like to floss every day.

Water flossers use jets to gently spray water onto the teeth. Water-flossers work similarly to traditional floss, cleaning between the teeth to help remove plaque and trapped food from hard-to-reach areas.

#3. Travel dental kit

A dental travel kit is a great gift for loved ones who travel a lot for work or pleasure.

These kits include travel-size toothbrushes, toothpaste, mouthwash, dental floss, and other useful oral hygiene tools depending on what you need.

Look for a dental kit constructed of spill-proof material or build a custom kit yourself.

#4. Bamboo toothbrush

You may already know about bamboo blankets, sheets, and pillows, but have you heard about bamboo toothbrushes? Well, they’re a thing.

Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable and 100% recyclable, making them environmentally friendly.

The bristles are constructed from nylon rather than BPA plastic, which makes them safer for the human body and the environment. This is the perfect gift for an eco-conscious loved one.

#5. Coconut Floss!

Another gift for the eco-conscious, coconut floss has hundreds of small filaments that scrub away plaque and debris to leave your gums clean and healthy.

If you know someone who is a big fan of coconut oil for health, you can rest assured they’ll love this gentle and just sweet enough floss.

#6. Toothpaste tube wringer

A perfect gift for the more economy-minded people on your gift list, a toothpaste tube wringer is the best way to make sure that all the toothpaste is forced out of a tube. It’s a great way to avoid waste and save money.

#7. Teeth whitening

Many of us give gifts of massages, pedicures, spa treatments, etc., but for some reason, we never think about dental treatments in this way.

Spoil your loved one with teeth whitening! At Ria Family Dental, we offer in-office teeth and home teeth whitening options for our patients, so give us a call if you know someone who could use a whitening!

#8. Ultraviolet Toothbrush Sanitiser and New Toothbrush

We’d all like to think that our toothbrushes are germ-free before we put them in our mouths, but in fact microorganisms and bacteria can collect on your toothbrush in an alarmingly short time.

This is one reason dentists Yeronga recommend that toothbrushes be regularly replaced. And the bathroom, where most of us keep our toothbrushes, can be a haven for germs and microorganisms.

Help keep your family members and friends healthy and germ-free with a new toothbrush and ultraviolet toothbrush sanitiser.

The new toothbrush will be sparkling clean and sanitary, while the UV sanitiser uses UV light to kill the nasty critters that can hide a toothbrush. It’s a great combo!

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