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Time to Rethink Your Sugary Drinks Original Infograhpic Dentist Yeronga

High intake of sugar and acidic drinks not just only affect your oral health, it also leads to health dangers such as tooth decay, obesity, diabetes, and coronary illness.

Here are five regular drinks with high sugar levels.

Soft Drinks overflow with sugar. Drinking soft drinks increases the amount of insulin the pancreas produces and can increase the danger of developing many forms of cancer. More so, scientist have claimed that drinking three cans of soft drink a day could triple the risk of heart disease.

Energy Drinks are loaded with sugar. Energy drinks are sweet and are designed to give you all that important spike when you are down. However, what you don’t know is that energy drinks causes increase in blood sugar levels, prompting the pancreas to produce insulin. According to nutritionist, energy drinks has no nutritional value and its excessive drink could lead to diseases such as anxiety, insomnia, gastronomical upset, headaches, hyperactivity and diuresis.

Huge wellspring drinks convey a monstrous heap of sugar. These huge drinks contain monstrous measures of sugar. A 7-11 Coca-Cola Big Gulp contains 91 grammes, while the bigger Super Big Gulp expands sugar to 146 grammes for each glass. The adverse effect of taking such huge sugar content is very dangerous to the body and should be neglected. In fact, according to a study in Sweden, High levels of sugar intake has a direct impact on obesity and tooth decay.

Fruit Juice. We consider fruit juice as healthy, however what you might not know is that fruit juice is loaded with sugar. In fact, it contains sugar just as your soft drinks and sometimes more. For example, 591 ml of Golden Circle Tropical Fruit Juice contains 70 grammes of sugar. Snapple Lemon Iced Tea (473 ml) contains 46 grammes. Shockingly, Orange Juice has 46 grammes for every 591 ml. This just implies that fruit juice isn’t what it always seems.

Indeed, even calcium-rich drain drinks contain sugar. Nesquik Chocolate Milk (473 ml) contains 58 grammes while substitute Vitasoy has 18 grammes in just 240 ml. So you need to careful to avoid excess intake of this drinks and take more of natural drinks.

Sugar is all over the place, and drinking too many sugary drinks such as the ones mentioned above can take the place of healthier drinks like water and milk. This will contribute significantly to caloric intake and over time, excess calories can lead to weight gain.

This increases the risk of diabetes, high blood pressure and heart disease. So focus on what you’re drinking. Pick healthy options in contrast to sugary drinks!

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