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Treatment Costs

* Patients with BUPA and HCF health funds have separate Fee as per their FUND Agreement
Also Interest Free Payment plans are available through Debit Success.

Item Num.



Check up and Cleans ($190-$250)
012Full Examination of the teeth and gums$50
022Intraoral radiograph – per exposure$40
111Removal of plaque and/or stain in children only$100
114Removal of calculus and polishing of the teeth – first appointment$125
121Topical application of remineralisation and/or Fluoride one treatment in 6 months$25
Extractions (Xray's may be needed at extra cost)
311Removal of a single tooth or part(s) thereof$150
314Sectional removal of a tooth or part(s) thereof$210 to $250
324Surgical removal of a wisdom tooth requiring both removal of bone and tooth division$250 to $300
Root Canal Treatment
415,416,416,022First stage of Root canal treatment$550 to $600
417, 418, 418, 022, 532Final Stage of Root canal treatment along with filling$650-$750
White Fillings
521One surface- Front tooth- direct white filling$175
522Two surfaces- Front tooth- direct white filling$200
523Three surfaces- Front tooth- direct white filling$220
524Four surfaces- Front tooth- Direct white filling$250
531One surface- Molar tooth- direct white filling$175
532Two surfaces- Molar tooth- direct white filling$195
533Three surfaces- Molar tooth- direct White Filling$220.00
534Four surfaces and Large molar tooth- direct white filling$260.00
Crown and bridge
613Full crown – metal free Ceramics$1350- $1450
613,613,643Full Ceramic Bridge$3300- $4000
Single Implant- Total cost $3950- $4250
661Fitting of implant abutment – per abutment$150
672Full crown attached to osseointegrated implant - veneered- indirect$1600.00
684Insertion of first stage of two-stage endosseous implant- per implant$1850.00
691Second stage surgery of two-stage endosseous implant- per implant$400.00
711Complete Upper denture$1350.00
712Complete Lower denture$1350.00
721Partial maxillary denture- Acrylic base$800 to $900
722Partial mandibular denture- Acrylic base$800 to $900
727Partial maxillary denture- cast metal frame$1450.00
728Partial mandibular denture- cast metal frame$1450.00
Invisalign and clear correct prices- start from $5500 - $6500

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