Patients are often consfused why their bottom teeth are crowded when it comes to Aesthetics.  Wisdom teeth usually grow between 18 years to 23 years of age. most of the orthodontic treatments are complete by the age of 16. so does the wisdom teeth have any role in crowding the bottom teeth when they start to erupt?

First reason is our upper and  lower jaw grows at different pace. in most of the cases the upper jaw seize to grow by 18 – 19 years, where as the lower jaw can grow up ntil 21 years. now beacuse of this difference we can see that the bottom teeth often crowd.

Second reason could be the intercanine width increase around 17-19years but then in some cases they donot increase in the width as much they should be which leads to crowding of the bottom teeth.

Third and not prove reason could be the wisdom teeth which needed more space to erupt and align start to push the bottom teeth which can lead to crowding of the front teeth.

At Ria Family Dental we provide consious sedation under Nitrous Oxide to relieve the Anxiety when undergoing wisdom teeth extractions.